E!nnoVest Coaching Academies

The Coaching Academies aim to up-skill the entrepreneurs lacking the requisite knowledge in one or more specific areas of commercial and business preparation and to prepare the applying presenting companies for their participation in the E!InnoVest Venture Forum and the investment matching phase of the programme.

Investment Academies

The Investment Academies are one day events giving the participating companies the possibility to meet and pitch to a panel of coaches experienced in investment readiness and fund raising, who will prepare them to present to and meet with businees angels, venture capitalists and corporate investors. The interactive format will allow entrepreneurs to give and received constructive and strategic feedback on their strengthts, weaknesses and objectives.

This type of the academy format specifically helps innovative companies to:

  • Receive direct feedback on the strategic strengths, weaknesses & objectives;
  • Gain insight into how investors would perceive their presentation and proposals;
  • Facilitate relationship building with other top entrepreneurs and advisors;
  • Sharpen the basic company presentation for potential investors and partners;
  • Practice presentation skills and methods;
  • Prepare effectively for participation in the Forum successfully.

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Below video was taken at the Investment Academy in Ljubljana on April 6th and features the Academies highlights

Business Academy

The Business Academy is an intensive and interactive one-day event aimed at enhancing enterpreneurs' skills in areas of commercial and business preparation. Participating companies receive significant help and guidance on how to strengthen their value proposition; develop a business plan that will win investors over, and gain ideas and leads on how to take your business to the next level by accessing foreign markets and scaling up internationally.

They will get a chance to attend informative sessions delivered by field experts and then receive one on one tailored coaching to address specific issues you may be facing. 

The Business Academy will assist companies to:

  • Formulate and strengthen their value proposition;
  • Develop a business ready business plan;
  • Internationalise their idea;
  • Focus on key customers;
  • Identify sustainable revenue streams.

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