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Together with the previous funding of $2.6M in a convertible loan, that will be converted into equity as part of this round, it puts the total series A in a $6.1M financial round.

The Series A round is led by Kibo Ventures, with participation other investors such as Ridgewood, La Caixa, angel investor Joe Golden, El Confidencial, angel investor Ramon Bernat and others.

Vilynx is making video smarter by using machine learning and computer vision technologies to unlock the potential of every video and make them more discoverable. Users appreciate the 5-second preview to help understand what is in a video before they press play and online media companies appreciate the increased click-through and engagement rates. Vilynx is a leader in using machine learning and deep learning technologies on video to do “deep tagging” that generates detailed metadata for each video.Located in San Francisco Bay Area and Barcelona, Vilynx currently employs a team of 19 people who are passionate about using machine learning to index our visual world.